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Georgia Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center, providing physical therapy in Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming, Sandy Springs and Woodstock, is dedicated to combining modern science with caring attitudes to treat pain and promote healing and strength.

There are only five specialized HydroWorx® therapeutic pools available in northern Georgia, and our centers have three of them.

Our HydroWorx® Therapy Pool features an underwater treadmill which can eliminate 20 to 100 percent of a person’s body weight, thereby reducing the impact on joints.

As a result of this innovative therapeutic device, a person who may only be able to walk 10 minutes on land can easily walk for 30 minutes in the water.

The treadmill is specially equipped with pressure sensors that allow our therapists to analyze your gait patterns, help examine your step length, look for evidence of toeing out and ensure adequate heel strike.

Particularly beneficial for patients suffering from lymphedema, chronic pain and fibromyalgia, the benefits to the patients include promotion of early range of motion, low-impact gait training, improving cardiovascular stamina, increasing healing and strengthening of injured tissues and muscle strengthening.

The Treadmill also replicates the proper biomechanics of land-based motion.

The HydroWorx® pool itself provides a safe, low-impact environment which allows patients who are unable to exercise out of  water to dive right in to physical therapy rehabilitation.

Our aquatic physical therapists will work with you to design underwater therapy programs which help you heal faster, decrease pain and swelling, increases your range of motion, increase your strength, and reduce gravitational pull.

There is a psychological as well as physical benefit since aqua therapy relieves rehabilitation distress in the warm water (between 88 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit) which allows for ease of movement and increased blood flow to muscles.

Call any of our convenient locations or submit an online appointment request today to find out how your needs and goals can be met in our comfortable, gravity-free environment with aquatic physical therapy.

To read scientific research reports about the benefits of aqua therapy, go to the HydroWorx site at

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